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Wakefield Shoulder Clinic


Injuries and disorders of the shoulder are best managed by an

integrated team providing

precise assessment and investigation, with

evidence based management

comprising physiotherapy and other non-operative modalities, as well as surgical reconstruction and repair where appropriate.

Consistent with this philosophy, referral of patients to the Wakefield Shoulder Clinic by their treating practitioner can be directed to:

(Patients can self-refer to Sports Physician or Physiotherapist)

Sports Physician

P: (08) 8232 5833 E:

Where there is a need for initial assessment and diagnosis. This allows for early review and expedient management, with the option for on referral as needed.


P: (08) 8232 5566 E:  

Where the diagnosis has been made, and the patient requires a physiotherapy management regime, including targeted shoulder rehabilitation, hydrotherapy and exercises.

Orthopaedic Surgeon

P: (08) 8236 4100 E:

Where the diagnosis is evident and initial conservative management has failed to achieve a satisfactory outcome, or where more urgent surgical assessment and care may be required.


 The Wakefield Shoulder Clinic

The Wakefield Shoulder Clinic runs regular educational sessions for medical practitioners and physiotherapist, as well as conducting ongoing research into identifying and delivering the optimal management for various shoulder disorders.

The Wakefield Shoulder Program is central to the management of Rotator cuff injuries which are a frequent cause of shoulder dysfunction.